The Suomisport Club Service webinars review the features of the service on a general and feature-specific level. The webinars are free of charge. All those interested in the topic are welcome to participate. Read the descriptions below and register.

The general webinars will be held in Finnish.

Info on digitalisation and club service

This informational webinar provides the tools to consider your club’s future development and consider the challenges that should be met with regard to good governance and digitalisation. We also detail how Suomisport Club Service can help your club take the digital leap. The webinar presents Suomisport’s features on a general level and describes the needs that the service meets.

The webinar is aimed at the operational managers of clubs, board chairs and decision-making club officials. All other club officials and those interested in the topic are welcome to participate.

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Administrative tools

Suomisport Club Service ensures that your club’s member management practices comply with the Associations Act. The management of club memberships and activity groups has been separated. The club is automatically provided with an up-to-date member list, and membership fees can be collected and monitored easily.

Suomisport aims to provide fast and easy payment functionalities. Mobile payments can be made with a single press of a button. The club can assign a charge to a member through the app, which then records the transaction in the payer’s Sport Account details after payment. Payments can be transferred to the club’s accounting either automatically or through consolidated reports.

The webinar covers the administrative tools for clubs.

It is aimed especially at managers, officials working with memberships, and current and future Club Service administrators. All other club officials and those interested in the topic are welcome to participate.

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Operational tools

Take control of your club operations, and market the club’s events and activities!

Groups and teams can manage their daily operations easily with the digital tools provided by Club Service. Manage groups easily through a browser or the mobile app; for example, coaches can enter participation records and issue communications directly from the app anytime and anywhere. The presentation describes how to carry daily management functionalities in your pocket!

The event management feature provides a wealth of opportunities for marketing club activities. You can use it to create public and group/team-specific events, collect fees directly upon registration and monitor payments in real time. Event links can be easily embedded in the club website, and you can also leverage the nationwide Suomisport event search in your marketing efforts.

The presentation is aimed at club officials and current and future Club Service administrators.

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Deployment support clinics

The three steps of getting started with Suomisport Club Service are register, activate and communicate! The service can be deployed one feature at a time (e.g. member, event or group management). The deployment support clinic covers matters related to getting started with Club Service: what aspects the club must review and decide upon. The webinar also provides tips for the club’s internal communications.

The webinar is aimed at new clubs and users who need support in the deployment of the club service. It provides opportunities for active discussion and asking any specific questions that are on your mind. The webinar is targeted at Suomisport’s administrators and other active users of the club service.

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Tähtiseura support clinics

The Tähtiseura programme is a quality programme for clubs aimed at developing Finnish sports club activities. The Tähtiseura label represents a promise of quality to current and new club members as well as their families and supporters.

Are you about to begin operational development measures, or getting ready for another audit? The Tähtiseura online service is a tool that helps clubs develop their activities and manage the auditing process. This webinar presents the online service and covers the first steps of preparing for a Tähtiseura audit.

The support clinics are especially aimed at the club’s decision-makers and active developers.

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