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Administrative tools

You can manage your club’s memberships with these functionalities::
  • Create member classes
  • Invite, approve and remove members
  • Move members from one class to another
  • Examine your member list
  • Send messages to members
  • Create membership fees and monitor payments in real time

You can also examine reports and find licenced athletes within your sport.

Watch videos on administrative tools here

Operational tools

Use these functionalities to make all of your club’s services available:
  • Sell and market the club’s public or private events (courses, camps and tournaments). Public events appear in Suomisport’s national event search.
  • Create teams and clubs as well as events for them (training sessions, competitions and tournaments)
  • Invite people to join the activities
  • Mark participants
  • Move people between groups/teams or remove people from groups
  • Create seasonal fees and monitor payments in real time
  • Messages on club activities to members and groups
Club users of the Suomisport app can also do the following::
  • Create events for teams and groups
  • Edit event information
  • Collect payments from teams and groups
  • Mark participations
  • Send communications to groups

Watch videos on operational tools here


Through here, you can navigate to your own sport account, handle your dependants’ affairs or manage the daily activities of your sports club.

Development tools

Here you can develop your operations through the Tähtiseura programme

You can also apply for the club grant provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture.